PDRM Police Brutality 29


This scene speaks for itself…

An eyewitness has come forward to reveal that a traffic police officer had pulled out his gun and aimed it at a protester during Bersih 3.0 last Saturday.

This traffic office claims he was in defensive mode, as he was under attack.

Attack? by who ?

Watch and judge for yourself..


PDRM Police Brutality 28

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Now the IGP has issued a statement that those protesters that broke the law by breaking into dataran and those showing acts of violence will be arrested

Hip hip hooray ? But .. Wait a minute .. Didn’t the entire PDRM break the law by going out of bounds and disrespecting the court order that was issued ?


Here is a link to the press conference which outlines the jurisdiction of the court order and for how many days



So will we be seeing some arrest warrants issued to PDRM as well ?

PDRM Police Brutality 27

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This is an excellent article by MP Tony Pua


More and more victims are coming forward to provide rock solid video evidence as well as witness accounts of clear cut police brutality against both innocent journalists as well as ordinary Malaysians standing up for their rights.

It has become clear and undeniable that the police force was on a ruthless rampage to beat people up.

The police force has gone well beyond even Malaysian norms of just using tear gas and water cannons to disperse a peaceful assembly.

Members of the public who participated in the Bersih 3.0 rally who have already dispersed and were having a meal in restaurants were beaten up for wearing yellow shirts.

Some who were already in an LRT station to return home were chased, arrested and taken to narrow alleys to be beaten up silly.

Unrestrained mobsters

In fact, anyone caught by the police force taking pictures of others being beaten up, were also beaten up badly. It did not matter if some of these individuals were media personnel, local or foreign; or ordinary Malaysians.

Mohd Haijan Omar, who was assigned by Lawyers for Liberty to monitor the event was beaten up by the Police. If even the officers of the Court are not immune to police brutality, then what chance does an ordinary member of the public has against a police force out of control?

These are not isolated cases of police brutality. The police force was acting like unrestrained mobsters, often with 10 or more police officers beating up an individual or two. It will not be an understatement to say that the police were creating a riot in the city. The very people who were entrusted to protect innocent and ordinary Malaysians were turning on them.

While no Malaysian will blame the police for arresting those who damaged police or public property, such as the single incident of half a dozen people badly damaging a police vehicle, there is absolutely no justification for them to threaten and beat up every person they found in yellow, even if they were participating in the rally earlier.

PDRM or Gestapo

This is especially since all who were beaten up were assembling peacefully and did not commit any acts of violence or vandalism. Do the police have a license to beat up any person in the street as they like regardless of whether a crime has been committed? Has our police force degenerated to become worse than the Gestapo?

The newly gazetted Peaceful Assembly Bill was meant to guarantee our constitutional right to assemble peacefully. Those who breach public order destroy public property must be dealt with the full force of the law. However, those who have assembled peacefully have committed no crime, were victimised with shocking ruthlessness and many were wrongfully arrested.

The unprecedented brutality by the police force requires the Prime Minister as well as the Home Minister to give an immediate and public apology to all ordinary Malaysians, especially the innocent journalists and Bersih participants who were wounded and traumatised by a police force gone beserk.

Nothing short of such an apology will be acceptable especially since it was the Prime Minister himself who has denied the Malaysian public to gather peacefully in Dataran Merdeka, which will have prevent any need for the unnecessary face-off with the police force. The decision by the BN Government is an unmitigated disaster, and Dato’ Seri Najib Razak who portrays himself as a reformist premier must take full responsibility for the Police fiasco.

Tony Pua is the DAP MP for PJ Utara

PDRM Police Brutality 26


As Rakyat, we have heard a lot of stories about how independently the police acted and how professional they were.


But we also heard that there were “orders” from above “arahan dari atas” for the alleged brutality and crackdown.


As Dr. M would say it.. Flip.. and a Flop..

One moment, nice PDRM officers, then the next moment, ugly thugs roaming the streets brutally attacking anyone they see.

This was a picture posted by the man himself , that morning from an “undisclosed location”.



Then the same man , was observing through a binoculars.. in fact, it is still his profile picture on Twitter. Cover ..cover..

Where is this location ? Some say its a hotel..

Well lets compare the pictures above with the picture below, again tweeted by the man himself, that night,



One thing we do know is , the man went for a shower (lol) , but notice the seats ? the similar plush expensive leather seats ? and the same carpet ?

Well its decided then, Bukit aman it is..

So if you are truly our leader, why did you not come down and speak to the Rakyat ? Is that not “1Malaysia – Rakyat didahulukan , pencapaian diutamakan”

Rakyat didahulukan  ? Brutality against rakyat first , while i peep through my binoculars ?


PDRM Police Brutality 25

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Another PDRM Thugs episode in a restaurant

This scene speaks for itself.

What right do we as Rakyat have if we can not even have a decent meal in a restaurant, way way past the “incident time” . This happened around 7pm on 28th of April..yes.. 7pm !

Notice the words : Balik.. kalau you tak nap kena, balik.. baik balik…

then at 0:09 the PDRM thug lays his first contact with the Rakyat.

Then he goes on indecently swearing ” Ka ni na.. ” multiple times..

PDRM acted professionally ? Perhaps swearing in the new in-thing for our Government’s Professionalism SOP ?

But now, his identity is also leaked thanks to Amenoworld



Now why is he spreading rumors that PDRM Thugs were killed ?

IGP – cam mane nih ?

PDRM Police Brutality 24

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Remember the Police Car incident ? 


While the IGP says that no one was hurt by the police car incident, here is an evident that he was not telling the truth ..


Su Kuang Hong, who works as a service engineer at a GLC, has come out to make a report, that indeed he was on of the few people that got hit by the police car.

“I was hit by a Proton Waja police car at the Bersih scene, ” Su, 25, who is warded at the at Hospital Kuala Lumpur said.

In an interview with Malaysiakiniyesterday, Su said he lodged two police reports earlier yesterday, on the crime and accident perspectives.

He said the police officer who attended to him said he was third complainant to lodge a report on this incident.

“I lodged the report because I want to be a piece of the puzzle to recover the truth, and I need a record to claim my medical expenses,” Su said.

Su Kuang Hong, also says that the police car driver was still conscious 


Asked about IGP Ismail’s denial that the police car hit protesters, Su said this was nothing unusual and from what he usually reads in news, the country’s leaders distort the facts.

Su admitted he had hesitated in lodging a report and speaking up for fear losing his job. He only decided to do so on Monday.

“I am still under the six months’ probation… my company offers good welfare benefits, a five-day work week, 22 days of annual leave and insurance coverage,” he said.

“The company also partially subsides interests on house and car loans taken by employees,” Su said.

Asked what would happen if the company sacked him, Su said, “Possibly, I might look at politics”.


PDRM Police Brutality 23 – update on bbc and astro loggerhead


Report from Sarawakreport.org


Yes, We Doctored The News – We Are “Disappointed” At Criticism From The BBC! ASTRO EXCLUSIVE!

Posted Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Yes, we censored the BBC News! – Why not and so what?

The Astro satellite channel have contacted Sarawak Report to acknowledge that they DID censor the BBC news report on the Bersih 3.0 rally!

Moreover, they have defiantly criticised the internationally respected British Broadcasting Corporation for questioning their right to do so!

The issue goes to the heart of the issues over democracy in Malaysia and it raises huge concerns about the decisions by key world News organisations, such as the BBC, to get involved in commercial deals with repressive regimes like BN.


Debate has been raging since this website exposed how a news report, prepared by the veteran BBC reporter Emily Buchanan on Saturday’s Bersih 3.0 rally for the broadcaster’s World News Channel, had been doctored by the Malaysian satellite channel.

Censored! – Astro’s doctored report!

We revealed that viewers in Malaysia saw 30 seconds less of the report than people watching the same news bulletin across the rest of the world.

These crucial seconds included a scene of a police officer apparently shooting at peaceful civilians and also statements by demonstrators explaining why they had taken to the streets to protest at election rigging.

The removal of these sequences could be judged to have introduced a bias away from the more even-handed and objective approach of the original report, in an attempt to show the police and the government in a better light.

However, as the resulting discussion has revealed, this form of “self-censorship’ by press and broadcast licence holders is commonplace in Malaysia.  In order to keep their licences, organisations have to abide by a ‘Content Code’ laid down by the BN regime.

“Surprised and disappointed”!

In today’s statement to Sarawak Report Astro’s Head of Communications, Tammy Toh announced:

On behalf of Astro please find our response to your story re BBC.  Astro [is] required to comply with content guidelines.

Rohaizad Mohamed, Senior Vice President of Broadcast Operations at Astro said, “As a licensed broadcaster, Astro is required to comply with the national content regulations.

When it comes to international content providers, Astro reserves the right to edit their international channels for the purposes of complying with the content regulations.

We are surprised and somewhat disappointed that our long-standing partner, the BBC, when, issuing its statement, did not take cognizance of the duty of Astro to comply with local content regulations.”[Statement from Astro Channel 1st May 2012]

The statement puts Astro and its supporter the BN regime, which has controlled Malaysia in the guise of a democracy for over 50 years, in a head to head clash with the BBC.

Loggerheads with the BBC

Yesterday the corporation made clear that it was appalled at any attempt to censor its reporting, in a strongly-worded statement deploring any attempt to curb press freedom:

The BBC World News spokesman said:

“During the week of World Press Freedom Day, it would be deplorable if access to independent and impartial news was being prevented in any way. We would strongly condemn any blocking of the trusted news that we broadcast around the world including via distribution partners.”

National Content Regulations!

Duty to censor your news – Rohaizad Mohamed (left), Senior Vice President of Broadcast Operations at Astro

However, the statement by Astro Channel, which is owned by a multi-billionaire BN crony Ananda Krishnan, makes it clear that it puts so-called “National Content Regulations” before the independent and impartial news for which the BBC has a world-wide reputation.

In fact, Astro is prepared to go further.  It not only censored the BBC report, but it did so without informing its Malaysian audience.  Malaysian viewers were misled into thinking that the doctored report was the genuine voice of the BBC!

We also now have information that Al Jazeera’s reporting was likewise restricted on the Bersih coverage.  This means that the role of Astro is to draw the wool over Malaysian people’s eyes, not only about events in their own country but over what is being seen about their own country by the rest of the world!

We ask whether such arbitrary tampering and doctoring is seriously what has been laid down by the BN Government when it comes to National Content Regulations? If so, who makes these decisions and on what grounds are the public being deliberately misled in this way at short notice at the whim ?

What guided Rohaizad Mohamed, Senior Vice President of Broadcast Operations, in his split second decisions about what to cut out and censor and what to leave in?  Is it just a “self-censorship” judgement call by the station as to what UMNO would be happy to see and what not?  Or is there some list of key matters to abide by?

Sarawak Report will be seeking clarification from Astro on these matters and also seeking a copy of the National Content Regulations to try and find out exactly how censorship is practised in Malaysia and for what purpose!

BBC must respond and Al Jazeera must investigate

Censored under the National Content Regulations?

The seriousness of this issue can not be under-estimated with regard to the reputational risk to the BBC and to Al Jazeera.  How these programme makers respond will define their trustworthiness as news organisations and discover to the world what comes first, money or the truth?

If the BBC is prepared to allow its news to be censored for the convenience of authoritarian regimes, then its value as Britain’s bastion of freedom and objectivity would surely become questionable, as would its continued funding by the British taxpayer



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