As Rakyat, we have heard a lot of stories about how independently the police acted and how professional they were.


But we also heard that there were “orders” from above “arahan dari atas” for the alleged brutality and crackdown.


As Dr. M would say it.. Flip.. and a Flop..

One moment, nice PDRM officers, then the next moment, ugly thugs roaming the streets brutally attacking anyone they see.

This was a picture posted by the man himself , that morning from an “undisclosed location”.



Then the same man , was observing through a binoculars.. in fact, it is still his profile picture on Twitter. Cover ..cover..

Where is this location ? Some say its a hotel..

Well lets compare the pictures above with the picture below, again tweeted by the man himself, that night,



One thing we do know is , the man went for a shower (lol) , but notice the seats ? the similar plush expensive leather seats ? and the same carpet ?

Well its decided then, Bukit aman it is..

So if you are truly our leader, why did you not come down and speak to the Rakyat ? Is that not “1Malaysia – Rakyat didahulukan , pencapaian diutamakan”

Rakyat didahulukan  ? Brutality against rakyat first , while i peep through my binoculars ?