Another PDRM Thugs episode in a restaurant

This scene speaks for itself.

What right do we as Rakyat have if we can not even have a decent meal in a restaurant, way way past the “incident time” . This happened around 7pm on 28th of April..yes.. 7pm !

Notice the words : Balik.. kalau you tak nap kena, balik.. baik balik…

then at 0:09 the PDRM thug lays his first contact with the Rakyat.

Then he goes on indecently swearing ” Ka ni na.. ” multiple times..

PDRM acted professionally ? Perhaps swearing in the new in-thing for our Government’s Professionalism SOP ?

But now, his identity is also leaked thanks to Amenoworld



Now why is he spreading rumors that PDRM Thugs were killed ?

IGP – cam mane nih ?