Remember the Police Car incident ? 


While the IGP says that no one was hurt by the police car incident, here is an evident that he was not telling the truth ..


Su Kuang Hong, who works as a service engineer at a GLC, has come out to make a report, that indeed he was on of the few people that got hit by the police car.

“I was hit by a Proton Waja police car at the Bersih scene, ” Su, 25, who is warded at the at Hospital Kuala Lumpur said.

In an interview with Malaysiakiniyesterday, Su said he lodged two police reports earlier yesterday, on the crime and accident perspectives.

He said the police officer who attended to him said he was third complainant to lodge a report on this incident.

“I lodged the report because I want to be a piece of the puzzle to recover the truth, and I need a record to claim my medical expenses,” Su said.

Su Kuang Hong, also says that the police car driver was still conscious 


Asked about IGP Ismail’s denial that the police car hit protesters, Su said this was nothing unusual and from what he usually reads in news, the country’s leaders distort the facts.

Su admitted he had hesitated in lodging a report and speaking up for fear losing his job. He only decided to do so on Monday.

“I am still under the six months’ probation… my company offers good welfare benefits, a five-day work week, 22 days of annual leave and insurance coverage,” he said.

“The company also partially subsides interests on house and car loans taken by employees,” Su said.

Asked what would happen if the company sacked him, Su said, “Possibly, I might look at politics”.