Now let us examine a sample teargas canister that was used during the Bersih 3.0 peaceful rally :

The above canister is a

ALS Long Range, CS Projectile – 37/40mm

Here is some info from their site :

Individuals unfamiliar with the effects of OC/CS may panic or go into shock. May act as an episode trigger for individuals with respiratory ailments. Launched or thrown munitions may produce lethal trauma when vital areas are struck by causing skull fractures, rupture of vital organs, heart compression and or serious skin lacerations.

Never aim at an individual or at a group of individuals. Launchable or hand thrown ammunition can cause contusions, abrasions, broken ribs, concussions, loss of eyes, superficial organ damage, serious skin lacerations massive skull fractures, rupture of the heart or kidney, fragmentation of the liver, hemorrhages and/or death. Medical assistance should be available immediately after an actual deployment of a less lethal munition even if no physical injuries appear on subject or subjects. Pyrotechnic chemical munitions should not be launched or thrown onto roofs, into rooms, dry foliage or similar environments without fire suppression equipment being readily available.

But what did PDRM do ?

Fire directly at the people present.. one Rakyat even mentioned that one of the PDRM thugs aimed one canister directly at Nurul Izzah.

Watch this scene where a PDRM thug kicks the canister directly, note he is armed with a stick..