Here is what an International Fact finding mission had to say about Bersih 3.0

Senator Nick Xenophon : i think Prof Fernando made a point, we watched the tv news last night , umm, we saw  more, there was 30 seconds of coverage … nothing of what ,one of the biggest demonstrations in Malaysian history, we spent more time seeing Prime Minister Najib having a cup of tea and banana fritters in what was Sabah, rather than one of the biggest and most significant political expressions in Malaysian history.

Mobashar Jawed Akbar (Editorial Director of India Today) : you know it was not an instant crowd , the crowd had been building up overnight.. they have been converging from..i walked on the streets where both sides on the streets.. were moving in one was one way traffic yesterday..and ah..the crowd had ample time to be violent if it wanted to..there were no sense of violence..yesterday it was a festive celebratory experience of the people until..the point came at the very end of it.And i do believe that the provocation was perhaps planned in order to create images that would play well..ah what Nick has called rightly so..if not official media, then official oriented media.

Watch and decide for yourself..