Here is a true story from a fellow Rakyat :

About 10 policemen held my cousin, Adrian Low, who did not even resist arrest, twisted his arm and kicked him around. At one point, he failed to ward of the kicks with his right forearm while he was down on the road and they kicked his eye with their boots. He was sightless for a moment and they continued stomping his back – the boot prints are still visible on his back. Then he was accosted and brought to Dataran Merdeka (the PM said that the place was denied Bersih because the field symbolised our independence – yesterday, the field was used to detain peaceful patriots who wanted a better future for our nation). Adrian was with Wong Chin Huat and dozens of other detainees who were brutally beaten by the police. After that, they held him up by his two arms and the “police” continued punching his back and stomach. They then shoved him into the truck and drove him to Pulapol rather than the nearby police stations. The reason was to deny lawyers from entering Pulapol to attend to the detainees (they deliberately avoided police stations because those are accessible to the public and to lawyers). He was denied food, drink, phone calls (he lost his mobile phone when the “police” were beating him up) and worse still, no legal access or medical aid. Several hours later, they realised that his injuries were quite severe and that was when he was rushed to Hospital KL for medical checks. The doctors and nurses who attended to him were shocked to see his injuries and bruises. At about midnight, Adrian actually requested for the police to record down his details – they did not even take his Identity Card before this (more reason to believe that there was never any intentions to charge the detainees – only to have them beaten up). Other detainees who arrived at Pulapol earlier were taken to a separate room for a “brainwashing-ceramah” session! Thank God that Adrian survived the ordeal and was finally released at 2am. It is also to his credit that this ordeal had not dampened his spirits but in fact increased his determination to continue crusading for a better future for Malaysians.

Kudos Adrian Low !