Now here is another example of our PDRM thugs getting caught.

In this video , you see the plain clothed guy in the middle, he has previously thrown an object at the police. This has caused the rage of the Bersih participants and they have surrounded him and they are questioning on his motive and his true identity.

When he was asked to show his IC as proof that he was not a PDRM thug, he refused to do so.

Now here another video from PDRM’s official video “evidence”

Note two different scenes in this video below.

0.02 : How did this man in yellow , get in through the razor sharp barb wire in the first place ? It show him in side the barricade and kicking things out. How did he get in ? Why is this “Bersih participant” covering his face completely? When the tear gasses have not been shot ? Why is this one participant worried of his identity ? We saw a lot of people covering their faces after the tear gasses have been shot.  But why cover your entire face before ? He came prepared for something more.. oh a higher agenda ..


0.20-21 : You will see a man in a red hood, whose main focus was not getting “into” Dataran Merdeka, but rather to let everyone else in, he was busy removing the barriers. Notice his right hand, has an armband ? If you’re not sure what we are saying about armbands, please read the post before this..