Now I have seen some quarters who have “listened” to their leaders and influenced by the lies the mainstream media pushes to them, most of them believe in the same reason :

“Bersih participants provoked the police and hence the police had to react , to keep peace and to defend  themselves”

First, lets take a look at the evidences “straight ,clean and uncut” – unlike our PDRM thug evidences which were heavily edited .

Here is a picture of PDRM thug left, and right. On the left he pretends to be a Bersih participant beating a police officer (traffic). On the right , he is wearing a PDRM neon jacket. Looks like he was brought in for one purpose – cause chaos and kick around. Perhaps he was even a gangster , for real ? Who knows ?

Surprised ? shocked ? This is our national heroes.

Now we have heard of these dirty tactics ever since the HINDRAF incident, were there were claims of real thugs brought in the morning of the rally , and they all wore a “yellow rubber armband” – yes something like the Armstrong armband , to identify one another in the crowd. These are planted to create unruliness and rowdy behavior so the PDRM thugs in uniform could go in and show their might and strength.

Well here is the evidence of this tactic being used in Bersih 3.0 and this is coming out from the horse’s mouth itself. Zaharin – Setiausaha UMNO Bandar tun razak .

Check out the ridiculous friends he has on his Facebook, while you are disbelieving yourself.

I would like to say this again, this is not a conspiracy site, and hence what we post is only pure hard evidence, that is uncut. Now you may delete this post from fb soon, quite similar to how the government was attacking Malaysiakini using DDOS and hijacking the entire nations Twitter traffic on the  28th April, but the evidence remains the same.

Let the rakyat judge for themselves.

More to come..