Here is something different.. now we have seen countless footages of police brutality on the streets of KL on 28th April 2012, However here is another interesting scene of PDRM thuggishness and brutality.

This group of Bersih peaceful rally participants were “inside” a restaurant just in front of the entrance of Masjid Jamek and beside the Karyaneka outlet. They were on the first floor of this restaurant, when our thugs came in , behaving worse than all of our gangsters put together ( Geng 18, 36, tiga line, etc etc ). Real Gangsters would come to a “table-talk”. Our PDRM gangsters resort to “table-smash” , “table-break” , “chair-smash” , “screaming-at-the-top-of-their-lungs”.. all just to show – who’s the boss.

Now in this scene, pay attention the the loud noises, they are from our thugs.. the participants were silent ,scared and seated. They were tormented, ladies were mishandled by male police officers.

And see for your self, our national heroes breaking and damaging public property.

IGP.. cam mane nih ?

PS: According the the people in this video, they were pushed into the streets , grouped together so that they too can be tear-gassed.