This video speaks for itself.. Is this our heroes of enforcement ? Our Malaysian Knight in shining armour ? Knights that uphold our constitution and protect the rakyat ?

Notice the guy in blue.. who is he ? is he a undercover cop ? If so, why do they come-out-of cover ? Just to beat people up ? Whats the purpose of the undercover in the first place ?

Many have noted that there were agent-provocateurs noticed yesterday , and some even real members of gangsters wearing  pdrm neon jackets.. Police Brutality yet again.. and again.. are they trying to kill him ?

Again..How can this man be a threat ? Was he the one who crossed the razor blade barb wire ? Or perhaps he was suspected of carrying bombs in his bag ? He is just an innocent rakyat like you an me… now its him… tomorrow , in a different time and place, it could me , you, my family, or yours.. think about..


Here is another act of PDRM “undercover” yet with a bright neon pdrm jacket, and armed with a stick, behaving unruly, rowdy and just like a criminal



Now lets take a look at how police brutality is dealt with in other countries :


PDRM is lucky that we Rakyat of Malaysia are peace loving bunch, that only act when provoked and even then, all we do is run to safety and protect ourselves, they’re lucky we did not give them the treatment these football fans gave those police officers in the video above.



Finally, how does the foreign media treat police brutality in their country, let’s take for example the US.. here is a full report on one citizen being brutally assaulted , now as you can see many Malaysian rakyat were assaulted in worse conditions during the Bersih 3.0 rally than the man in this video below.. What is our Government and media doing about this ?