Now here is a clear contempt of our perlembagaan, and policeman behaving like thugs. They were all running , excited, almost as a 5 year kid would towards the “uncle-ice cream” ..Why? Just so that they could take their share in kicking and beating up a Rakyat ( like you and me ).. Do you feel safe with them ? Do you feel proud of our PDRM ?

Notice that not all PDRM staff are imbeciles.. one of the policeman is actually trying to stop his colleagues from kicking this man on the street..

How can this man be a threat ? Was he the one who crossed the razor blade barb wire ? Or perhaps he was suspected of carrying bombs in his bag ? He is just an innocent rakyat like you an me… now its him… tomorrow , in a different time and place, it could me , you, my family, or yours.. think about..