If you would like to have a good hearty laugh, please marvel at the imprudent , nonsensical, and inane, staff of PDRM.


In this video, they claim the Police were “hurt” as the supporters were crying out these words “Polis” and “Anjing”. Notice they were crying these words at the K-9 unit truck of PDRM ? What would the K-9 unit carry in their truck , lembu ? Kerbau ?

Common sense of a 5 year old would say that the people were hurling these words directed at the Policeman driving the car, and also the “Anjing (dog) ” behind the car. Being Muslims , some of the supporters may be uncomfortable with the use of a K-9 unit on them. Simple common sense. But unfortunately Abuaqif and the PDRM staff, skipped too many classes in school, and dropped their common sense along the way to Dataran Merdeka.

Before you watch this video, also note that “one” supporter whacked the huge truck with his yellow t-shirt /cloth (harmful ? Threat ?) but immediately another supporter (bald chinese man) reprimanded and warned him and told the people to stay clear of the police vehicle. This shows that the rakyat still maintained their respect for the enforcement.