We have heard a lot about rakyat who participated in Bersih 3.0 acting violently by overturning a police patrol car, and hence the rakyat “damaged”  – “police” property. Bernama the “pride” of our nation has reported this :

The demonstrators reacted violently by hurling mineral water bottles towards police vans and patrol cars, overturning a police patrol car, kicking a motorcycle mounted by a policewoman and grabbing a pistol belonging to a policeman.

Now they have potrayed , or rather snipped videos and showed the world this picture :


Now before we judge to quickly, let us analyse the “real” “complete” story.


Watch this video :




See the difference ?


People overturned the car, for fear that someone was trapped beneath the car , now watch this video of the same footage, and pay attention to the screams in the background – “Ada orang bawah tahu (repeated)”

“Notice also that Bersih supporters were protecting the injured policeman and taking him to safety. Citizens were protecting the police , alright.. question is was the police doing their duty to protect the citizens, or were they inflicting injury on purpose ?”


More to come..


Watch this video :