PDRM Police Brutality 20


Now let us examine a sample teargas canister that was used during the Bersih 3.0 peaceful rally :

The above canister is a

ALS Long Range, CS Projectile – 37/40mm

Here is some info from their site :

Individuals unfamiliar with the effects of OC/CS may panic or go into shock. May act as an episode trigger for individuals with respiratory ailments. Launched or thrown munitions may produce lethal trauma when vital areas are struck by causing skull fractures, rupture of vital organs, heart compression and or serious skin lacerations.

Never aim at an individual or at a group of individuals. Launchable or hand thrown ammunition can cause contusions, abrasions, broken ribs, concussions, loss of eyes, superficial organ damage, serious skin lacerations massive skull fractures, rupture of the heart or kidney, fragmentation of the liver, hemorrhages and/or death. Medical assistance should be available immediately after an actual deployment of a less lethal munition even if no physical injuries appear on subject or subjects. Pyrotechnic chemical munitions should not be launched or thrown onto roofs, into rooms, dry foliage or similar environments without fire suppression equipment being readily available.

But what did PDRM do ?

Fire directly at the people present.. one Rakyat even mentioned that one of the PDRM thugs aimed one canister directly at Nurul Izzah.

Watch this scene where a PDRM thug kicks the canister directly, note he is armed with a stick..


PDRM Police Brutality 19

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Here you see PDRM thugs in action again , similar to thugs who corner an innocent kid and beat him in a group in a back alley..

PDRM Police Brutality 18 – update by international experts

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Here is what an International Fact finding mission had to say about Bersih 3.0

Senator Nick Xenophon : i think Prof Fernando made a point, we watched the tv news last night , umm, we saw  more, there was 30 seconds of coverage … nothing of what ,one of the biggest demonstrations in Malaysian history, we spent more time seeing Prime Minister Najib having a cup of tea and banana fritters in what was it..in Sabah, rather than one of the biggest and most significant political expressions in Malaysian history.

Mobashar Jawed Akbar (Editorial Director of India Today) : you know it was not an instant crowd , the crowd had been building up overnight.. they have been converging from..i walked on the streets where both sides on the streets.. were moving in one direction..it was one way traffic yesterday..and ah..the crowd had ample time to be violent if it wanted to..there were no sense of violence..yesterday it was a festive celebratory experience of the people until..the point came at the very end of it.And i do believe that the provocation was perhaps planned in order to create images that would play well..ah what Nick has called rightly so..if not official media, then official oriented media.

Watch and decide for yourself..

PDRM Police Brutality 17

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We as Rakyat of Malaysia are always proud of our country , especially when the topic of Malaysia pops up over a dinner conversation with a foreigner. We tend to say how peaceful, beautiful and wonderful our country is. We also say that “tourists love it here” in Malaysia. And to sum it all, we say “Malaysia truly Asia” to them.


Now here in this next scene, an innocent tourist dressed in his t-shirt and bermudas was in the vicinity, and our PDRM thugs punched and kicked this innocent tourist. “Ta Kwai Lo” – they hit the white men.. is what this videographer said.

We have pictures of this evidence from other Rakyat that was there in the vicinity as well..


PDRM Police Brutality 16

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Now here is another incident of a young Rakyat that was beaten shoved and thrown into a drain near secret recipe !

PDRM Police Brutality 15

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Here is a recent “Protest” that was violent in many ways. They burned their banners with FIRE and started stepping on it on the ground.

Question : Where is the PDRM thugs and FRU ?

Organiser  : UMNO Machang

PDRM Police Brutality 14

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Here is a true story from a fellow Rakyat :

About 10 policemen held my cousin, Adrian Low, who did not even resist arrest, twisted his arm and kicked him around. At one point, he failed to ward of the kicks with his right forearm while he was down on the road and they kicked his eye with their boots. He was sightless for a moment and they continued stomping his back – the boot prints are still visible on his back. Then he was accosted and brought to Dataran Merdeka (the PM said that the place was denied Bersih because the field symbolised our independence – yesterday, the field was used to detain peaceful patriots who wanted a better future for our nation). Adrian was with Wong Chin Huat and dozens of other detainees who were brutally beaten by the police. After that, they held him up by his two arms and the “police” continued punching his back and stomach. They then shoved him into the truck and drove him to Pulapol rather than the nearby police stations. The reason was to deny lawyers from entering Pulapol to attend to the detainees (they deliberately avoided police stations because those are accessible to the public and to lawyers). He was denied food, drink, phone calls (he lost his mobile phone when the “police” were beating him up) and worse still, no legal access or medical aid. Several hours later, they realised that his injuries were quite severe and that was when he was rushed to Hospital KL for medical checks. The doctors and nurses who attended to him were shocked to see his injuries and bruises. At about midnight, Adrian actually requested for the police to record down his details – they did not even take his Identity Card before this (more reason to believe that there was never any intentions to charge the detainees – only to have them beaten up). Other detainees who arrived at Pulapol earlier were taken to a separate room for a “brainwashing-ceramah” session! Thank God that Adrian survived the ordeal and was finally released at 2am. It is also to his credit that this ordeal had not dampened his spirits but in fact increased his determination to continue crusading for a better future for Malaysians.

Kudos Adrian Low !

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